Janvier 2022 - PLV (partie 1) Métier de RC GROUP

The profession of POP (part 1)


RC Group offers the design, creation and installation of all types of multi-material POP displays for the Luxury, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Publishing sectors, Spirits, but also for Specialized Distribution and Supermarkets in small and large series.

Find below the interview of Marc Radigales, director of C10Play, Bruno Seguin, director of SBS PLV and Thibault Trameçon, director of Caro PLV on the point of sales advertising business.

These 3 companies are subsidiaries of RC Group and produce POS advertising on different materials in France and abroad.  


Their field of expertise covers different sectors:

    Pharmacy and selective distribution for C10PLAY
    The mass market for SBS PLV
    The world of toys and publishing for CARO PLV


 Your job in one sentence ?

Marc: We are the architects of your image at the point of sale. C10PLAY is specialized in selective distribution and pharmacy and works on the development of your image, through POS, digital tools and also a communication agency called stu10.

Thibault: Caro PLV and SBS PLV are two subsidiaries of C10PLAY, with two complementary skills. At Caro PLV for more than 30 years, we are experts in POP, in the world of publishing, toys and leisure in general.

Bruno: SBS PLV is the specialist since 17 of corrugated cardboard in medium and large series, with an excellent know-how in multi-materials


What are the qualities required in the POP business?

Bruno: In my opinion, passion and energy are the keys to success in our business.


Does CSR impact your vision as an entrepreneur?

Marc: CSR is the very DNA of the creation of C10PLAY in 2013. We founded our company around a diptych. First, the optimization or reduction of materials to reduce the CO2 impact. Secondly, the use of human resources in difficulty.

Thibault: CSR. In 2021 Caro PLV has taken a 180 degree turn and has placed the CSR approach at the heart of its development and in the support of its customers

Bruno: Yes, CSR is a daily challenge. Most of the work is done upstream in sourcing, with the search for recycled and recyclable materials, reducing the impact of CO2.


What impact has the pandemic had on your business?

Marc: Beyond the economic and sanitary aspects, it is a real collective awareness that accentuates even more the ecological and CSR approaches already undertaken. I would like to thank our partners and customers on whom we could count during this period of crisis.


What are the ingredients of a successful POP campaign?

Marc: The Whaou, the thank you, the bravo. It's a POP that exceeds our clients' expectations by creating a surprise. As specialists, we have to be able to interpret your requests in order to surprise you every day by proposing innovative solutions.

Bruno: It's a POP that respects the expectations of our customers, the quality, the budget and the delivery date.

Thibault: That respects the expected quality, that immerses the consumer in the customer's universe, that plays its role to encourage the intention to buy and that is scripted.


What would be your dearest wish?

Bruno: Get me the Aladdin lamp! I would answer "To win the Lotto". More seriously, it would be: to build loyalty in my team.

Thibault: First, to become the leader of POP in the publishing world. Second, to produce energy-neutral POPs and third, to win a POPAI d'Or in 2021.

Marc: First of all, to succeed in our launches. Namely; the launch of our connected furniture offer, but also the marketing of POP displays in China, with local manufacturing in our LRChina factory.

Thibault: To revolutionize the world of POP and to disrupt the codes