Janvier 2022 - PLV (partie 2) Métier de RC GROUP

Le metier de la plv (partie 2)

Habillages d’enseignes, podiums, glorifiers ou présentoirs, RC Group propose la conception, la création et l’installation de tous types de PLV multimatériaux pour les secteurs du Luxe, de la Cosmétique, de la Pharmacie et de l’Édition, des Spiritueux mais aussi pour la Distribution Spécialisée et la GMS en petites et grandes séries.

Retrouvez ci-dessous l’interview de Patricia Bonnissent directrice de RC Concept Opérationnel et Olivier Despicht directeur de Instore Factory sur le métier de la Publicité sur lieu de vente.

Ces 2 sociétés sont des filiales de RC Group et sont référents dans le métier de la PLV spécialement dans le luxe et les cosmétiques.  


Your company in a few words?
Patricia: At RC Concept we have expertise in the points of sale of selective perfume and cosmetics brands. Our job is to dramatize the stores, from the supports to the podiums or the windows and to go as far as the advice, the conception and the delivery, even the installation.
Olivier: At Instore Factory, we specialize in luxury semi-permanent and permanent POP. We work with innovative products in an eco-responsible way.

What are the qualities required for your job?
Patricia: We work on local markets. The first quality is to follow the processes. The second is to be reactive. The third is to have a real expertise in the field. But above all: "It's not what we do that's important, it's how and why we do it".
Olivier: For me, it's the ability to adapt, to be innovative and to organize.

What is the importance of CSR in your company?
Patricia: CSR is an additional ingredient that has become a priority. It has to be integrated into the creation and production process.
Olivier: We must have a global vision of all the issues, we must know how to preserve the planet, our employees and therefore our company.

What is your biggest challenge?
Patricia: It is to continue to give desire to our collaborators, to want to build in a real and concrete world it is our trade, when finally all is virtual.

According to you a successful POS is ... ?
Patricia: It is a POS that creates a universe, that makes a product exist and sell without cannibalizing it. It is a POS that integrates the major criteria of eco-design.
Olivier:A POS that respects the demands of the brand, that respects the environmental values and that satisfies the consumers.

If you had an Aladdin lamp, what would you wish for?
Olivier: To register a patent, to go beyond the limits of the profession, to discover a new material that is hyper qualitative, biodegradable and 200% respectful of the environment.
Patricia: Euromillions ? Millions ? Maldives ? But professionally: slow down the time and like Olivier a POP with the criteria of eco-design and easy to implement.

A project to come ?
Patricia: To diversify, to bring our expertise in other sectors than cosmetics and perfumes.