Our Locations

RC Group has been going international for several years. This is both a sign of its growing evolution but also of a constant improvement in its environmental and logistical efficiency.

The objective of RC Group is to become an international reference around its 5 businesses related to the point of sale: PLV, PRINT, DIGITAL, VTRINES, GIFTS.

RC Group makes it a point of honor to set up an integrated QSE-type management system coupled with a CSR approach referring to the key words "quality, health and environment". Entities specializing in these areas regularly monitor the group in order to create work and living spaces perfectly suited to its employees.

RC Group is currently developing a joint venture with a Chinese company in order to keep its unique know-how while being able to meet all customer demands thanks to a joint factory between the two companies making it possible to massively produce showcases & displays. Regarding the 5 RC professions, it is essential for the group to find the same quality of work in the different countries in which it is located.